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About Artist Project Toronto

Explore and discover. Meet and buy from over 250 contemporary artists from various disciplines. Artist Project takes place on February 23-26, 2017 at the Better Living Centre, Exhibition Place, Toronto, Canada. Explore and discover. Artist Project is Canada's most celebrated art fair that brings artists from a variety of geographic and creative backgrounds to converge and connect with patrons looking to get a glimpse of tomorrow’s Art Stars. From February 23 to 26, 2017, meet and buy from over 250 contemporary artists of various disciplines.

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  • Happy International Women's Day from #ArtistProject!⁣ Here is a photo from our recent Art Chats panel discussion organized by Repaint History, an organization that looks to reflect on underrepresented histories, and bring attention and conversatio...

  • We tallied up the votes! The People’s Choice Award for this year’s Untapped Emerging Artists Competition presented by DeSerres goes to Charlotte Penabel!⁣ ⁣ Charlotte has won a free booth to showcase her amazing collage work at Artist Project...

  • The results are in! Congratulations to Jack Dolganiuk for winning the People’s Choice Award for the Self-Portrait Artist Competition presented by Swatch.

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Artist Project Toronto

Artist Project Toronto

Canadian National Exhibition

Canadian National Exhibition

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  • I am looking for a local artist to showcase some of their work in a stunning eco-home in Etobicoke. The home is being staged this weekend so if anyone is interested, please message me!

    den 19/03 2019
  • https://www.facebook.com/artistunknownchannel/videos/427272141412064/

  • While it is always great to sell a painting and have it taken off the show floor...there is something special about getting to see it in its "forever home". I love getting the chance to take my artwork to a new client, hang it for them and have the ...

    den 27/02 2019 via

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