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About Beaver Creek Farms

We are dedicated to bringing our community chemical free non-GMO vegetables through our methods of sustainable organic techniques and strategies.

Rating: 3 / 5 - 85

Street address: 748 Davis Drive, Uxbridge

Phone: 416-399-3825

  • Throwback to warmer sunnier days on the farm. Let the sun shine in and stay warm everyone. Spring is just around the corner! #tbt #sun #flower #sunflower #farmlife #happy

  • With everyone talking about mental health today, I thought I would post this moment of zen from this past summer. I love watching the bees do their thing in the garden. Take time to slow down and appreciate the nature around us. Be kind to one anothe...

  • More shoots sprouts and microgreens going out to the restaurants. If you would like to buy containers like these, check out The Bar Cafe or have dinner Urban Pantry or at the new Anchor Point restaurant in Port Perry. #shoots #sprouts #microgreens #o...

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Beaver Creek Farms

Beaver Creek Farms

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Allbright Equestrian Centre

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  • So glad your shoots are available at Herbally Yours in Port Perry! 😊 YUM!!!

    den 11/11 2017

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