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About CAAT

The Committee for Accessible AIDS Treatment. The Committee for Accessible AIDS Treatment (CAAT) is a coalition of affected individuals and organizations from the legal, health, settlement and HIV/AIDS sectors committed to promoting the health and wellbeing of people living with HIV who are facing access barriers related to their status using the tools of education, training, research, service coordination and advocacy

Rating: 3 / 5 - 298

Street address: 465 Dundas Street E, Toronto

Phone: 416-364-3030 ext 2277


  • Yes we do..

    CAAT den 26/07 2018 via
  • As we get ready for #AIDS2018 in Amsterdam next week, it's easy to get overwhelmed with scheduling and planning. But it's even more important to keep sight of what we're trying to achieve. There is much work to be done to keep HIV activism in the pub...

    CAAT den 19/07 2018 via
  • Ready, Steady......

    CAAT den 22/06 2018 via

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