AI Builders Risk Insurance

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AI provides insurance programs to both general contractors and sub-contractors. We understand the number of unique construction exposures you face daily, which is why we have developed tailored insurance programs to suit! Ai Builders Risk Insurance is a retail bonding and insurance brokerage, licensed across Canada and the USA.   We cater to private and public companies alike -delivering superior value to our clients –across Canada and abroad. Our Staff and Surety Partners are the best the industry has to offer. +1 312 696-6570 Website: Owner Name:  Don Miller Full Address:  38 Greensboro Drive., 2nd Floor Toronto ON, M9W 1E1 Area Code: 647 Phone: 1-877-213-4545 Business Email: Year Found: 2008 Number of Employee: 25 Operating Hours: 8am-8pm Monday-Friday

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