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About Martingrove Collegiate Institute

Martingrove Collegiate Institute is a non-semestered public secondary school located on the southeast corner at the intersection of Eglinton Avenue and Martin Grove Road in Etobicoke, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It is overseen by the Toronto District School Board. The school is home to the gifted program in Etobicoke. The school has held reunions for its 25th, 30th, and 40th anniversaries, and has their 50th anniversary celebrations planned for May 11–14, 2016.Martingrove's school colours are brown, white and orange and its mascot is a bear. The school's motto is Lumen in vobis est . The student-run news magazine The Martingrove Beacon, has, since its creation in 2002, won 15 Toronto Star High School Newspaper awards.Gifted ProgramMartingrove is the TDSB designated high school for the Gifted Program in Etobicoke.AP & Pre-AP ProgramMartingrove also offers the Advanced Placement Program and Pre-AP Program to all qualified and interested students. The Pre-AP Program begins in Grade 9 and continues through Grade 11. Students learn the necessary skills, knowledge and foundations for success in preparation for entrance to the Advanced Placement Program in grade 12.Reach for the TopMCI has a history of participation in the high school quiz program Reach for the Top. They have won numerous local, regional and provincial tournaments, with appearances at both the provincial and national level finals. For many years the team was coached by teacher Patricia Beecham, who would go on to work as a co-ordinator and head judge for the Reach for the Top / Schoolreach organization Notable Victories: 2013 - Ontario Provincial Champions 2014 - Canadian National Champions 2015 - Ontario Provincial Champions 2016 - Ontario Provincial Champions

Rating: 4 / 5 - 1733

Street address: 50 Winterton Drive, Etobicoke, Toronto

Phone: 416-394-7110


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Martingrove Collegiate Institute

Martingrove Collegiate Institute

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