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About Muslim Awards

http://www.muslimawards.org Muslim Awards is an initiative created to repair the negative image of Muslims in the media and is a celebration of excellence and dedication to Islam and Muslims. Our mission is to uncover the positive sides of Islam and Muslim contributions to humanity. The main goals of the Muslim Awards are to encourage: progress, prosperity and peace. The Muslim Awards has no political interests and doesn’t support or endorse any political views, parties, or any practices as such. The Awards aims at only selecting and recognizing individuals, regardless of their political, governmental, organizational ties. Anyone with political or governmental ties will not be considered. The Muslim Awards is unique as the public can nominate and vote for people in each of the categories, as well as self nominate.

Rating: 5 / 5 - 742231

Street address: 170 The Donway W Unit 1112, Toronto

Phone: 1 (647) 771-4475



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Muslim Awards

Muslim Awards

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