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About Victorious Me

Victorious Me is committed to carrying unique fabulous accessories and demure clothing to fashionable Women across the globe, including plus size!!!! Visit www.victoriousme.ca Be beautiful and feel victorous. Victorious ME's expressive jewelry is comprised of captivating statement pieces that compliment any clothing or brings life to the simplest outfits. From fashion photographers to models, popular fashion bloggers to your "not the average" fashionista's, VME is fast becoming Canada’s "go to' when one wants to be separate from the ton and wear elusive pieces that are unique, expressive and captivates ones attentiom. We only hope our modest clothing collection inspires women to feel beautiful and confident with their demure taste in fashion and strengthens their beleif that you dont have to dressed scatily or in provocative clothing to be sexy. We want to empower women of all ages and from all walks of life, modesty is beautiful. We do not consider our clothing proper hijab but modest to the everyday wears of the western culture. From our vintage, couture or seldom trendy statement pieces, each item is selected by the owner with the intent of setting our clients apart from the average Jane and producing that whow the crowd piece that everyone wants but cant quite get!! hence why we do not sell pieces in large quantities whether its one of a kind or not! View our collection by visiting www.victoriousme.ca

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Phone: 6477075142



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