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About Virgin Radio Toronto

http://999VirginRadio.ca for more Connect with us! 416-872-9999 Txt 999 99 (Standard Rates Apply) Twitter.com/VirginRadioTO _____________________ FACEBOOK PAGE RULES: 99.9 Virgin Radio's Facebook page is intended to be a fun space for you and other listeners to engage with us and with each another – but not to the detriment or disturbance of it's members. 99.9 Virgin Radio is responsible for protecting the integrity of this page. We ask all comments and posts remain both relevant and respectful to our listeners as a whole; and shared in accordance with Facebook’s Terms of Service (http://www.facebook.com/terms.php). We reserve the right to remove postings (hint: when in doubt, keep the profanity out!) that are: • (a) abusive, defamatory, or obscene; • (b) fraudulent, deceptive or misleading; • (c) in violation of any intellectual property right of another; • (d) unconstructive opinions; • (e) in violation of any law or regulation, or • (f) otherwise offensive, graphically or in tone. If an individual's behaviour is disruptive or obscene, then we will block that user from this page. 99.9 Virgin Radio and Bell Media do not necessarily endorse nor are responsible for the accuracy of information, opinions, claims, or advice shared here by Virgin Radio listeners. We thank you for ‘playing nice’ on our page, and for all your passionate conversation about all things Virgin Radio.

Rating: 5 / 5 - 607807

Street address: 299 Queen St. West, Toronto

Phone: 416-872-9999 or SMS 99999



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Virgin Radio Toronto

Virgin Radio Toronto

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